SWIFT’s membership structure (Level 1 to Level 3) helps to focus trainings on the needs, size and capacity of each company and/or individual.

The training program is two tier: First focusing on building the foundations of the business. These foundation modules are then followed by the Growth modules which focus on planning for sustainable long term business growth.

Through in class training, one-on-one follow up visits, monitoring and reporting and mentoring, SWIFT’s holistic training program prepares businesses of any size to effectively be prepared to increase capactiy, find new markets and create sustainable long term partnerships



Our training methodology begins with in class training. These interactive training sessions are conducted either in siSwati or English, depending on the requirements of the group. In order to ensure comprehension, the training sessions are engaging with a mix of lectures, group and individual activities.

SWIFT’s tiered model allows for tailored training for all levels, from the Level 1 Artisan to Level 3 Exporting business. From time to time, specialized trainings facilitated by a 3rd party are also offered.

These training sessions provide an open and collaborative environment for SWIFT Members to come together, exchange ideas and share both successes & challenges.



Within each training session, the SWIFT Training Team assigns homework to all artisans and companies. The homework is designed around the implementation of concepts and theories learned in the In Class Sessions. Two weeks following the training, the team then conducts follow up field visits with each individual artisan and company to ensure comprehension of the modules and implementation.

The homework is marked and scored and is one of three key metrics used to track the performance of the individual artisan and company.

This one on one time with the participants is essential to their success as it allows for questions to be answered which relate directly to their businesses. It is more of a consulting visit.



In order to ensure the success of the training program, much attention is given to the monitoring and reporting. Artisans and Companies are provided with KPI Record Book which helps them to ensure that they are tracking their success.

In addition to the KPIs for each individual business, SWIFT monitors attendance, homework completion and homework score. This helps to further tailor the training program around areas where participants may need more attention.



Complementing the in-class training the SWIFT also facilitates On-Site Company Mentoring – delivering Best Practices in Action. Level 3 Enterprises open their doors to allow Level 2s and other Level 3s, to learning about their operations. Each organization specializes in a different area which was covered in the Modules i.e. Production Planning, Quality Control, Operations. This allows the companies participating in the training to learn from their peers and see these concepts in action.