Fair Trade advocacy at SWIFT is all about speaking out on behalf Fair Trade as a movement and promote fair trade as business concept that supports justice in trade aimed at improving the livelihoods of producers and workers. Fait Trade advocacy is also about raising awareness and influencing decision makers and power holders to make changes in the rules and practices of conventional international trade Fair trade advocacy matters because:

  • Individual consumers, business community and buyers need to understand what fair trade is all about and its role in improving producer livelihoods
  • Businesses should increasingly be ethical, and provide better trade that reflects the principles behind Fair Trade
  • Everyone at personal, community, local, national and international level need to undertake tangible actions that leave a positive foot print on the environment
  • Consumers are demanding to know if products and produce they consume have been ethically produce
  • Fair Trade is increasingly on the agenda of policy makers throughout the world. Decision makers need information that will help them develop or update policies that enable positive change on trade issues that ultimately improves lives of producers
  • SWIFT represents and positively impacts an estimated 5000 fair trade producers and workers in Swaziland